My Adventure at Pioneer (Boot Hill) Cemetery

Wow, what a day as we headed up to the Old Pioneer Cemetery, also known as Boot Hill Cemetery in Idaho City, which is around 31 miles up the hill from downtown Boise.  Idaho City was a1860s Gold Rush town and many of the dead died violent deaths with many more dying from a flu epidemic.

The Old Pioneer Cemetery established around 1864 sits on a tree filled hill slope and I had a lot of fun running around the forest through the tall green grass. There are roughly 500 interments at Old Pioneer Cemetery dating back to 1800’s. There may actually be over 3,000 buried here in unmarked and unknown graves.

I was not allowed to dig for bones but sure had a great time. I give Old Pioneer Cemetery in Idaho City 4 Ruffs out of 5.

Images by – Jullian Van Dyke 
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