Critter Joe’s LED Collars and Leashes and other LED Products

The key to spring and summer nights when out with your dog on a trail, dog park or busy streets is BE SEEN! 

Critter Joe’s brand LED Collars and Leashes do just that when out and about when the sun goes down. LED Collars and Leashes are with hiking the local trails, ideal at dog parks as you can spot you doggy fast and keep a good eye on them. As for busy streets, the collar and leash work to let people not only see your dog but you as well.

Critter Joe’s leads the industry in Rechargeable LED Illuminated Leashes and Collars. The fact is non-rechargeable Leaches and Collars only have around 15 – 20 hours of battery life and finding the specialized replacement batteries and the associated cost is an issue so why bother as with Critter Joe’s brand collars and leashes they come with a USB cable for easy recharging.

Make night dog walks fun and safe for everyone with LED Collars and Leashes – Critter Joe’s LED Products

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