Why Become a Critter Joe’s Club Member / Affiliate? 

  • Now you can have your own Online Pet Shop with your picture and profile (see sample Online Pet Shop) for under $50 dollars a year.
  • Make money every time someone purchases any items on your Online Pet Shop.
  • Make extra income 24/7 with your Online Pet Shop and we do all the work.
  • Purchase all your own pet products at special membership prices.
  • Critter Joe’s offers hundreds of top selling quality Pet Products with more added weekly. 
  • Watch your profits increase: As Critter Joe’s buying power increases we pass the savings on to you so your income increases too!
  • Marketing your Online Pet Store: Search Engines will soon post your page so when people search your Name – Critter Joe’s they will land on your Online Pet Store page. Visitors to are encouraged to search your name for great savings and your profile picture is displayed linking to your Pet Shop page. Critter Joe’s also offers a FREE Image library with custom Ads designed for popular Social Media such as, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.,(view sample ads) with Ads updated weekly. You simply post Ads and link them directly to your Online Page, it’s just that easy!
  • Marketing Support:. FREE custom Ads for  social media, website Ads and optional Business Cards, Company Email, Event Banners, etc.
  • No Products to purchase as this is NOT Multi-Level Marketing.

Critter Joe’s Advantage 

I am sure we would all agree that an option of bring in extra income in today’s world is vital. The problem is we just do not have the time, money or resources. The good news is at Critter Joe’s we do all the work from showcasing top selling pet products and handle all the shipping needs for your own custom Online Pet Shop. All you have to do help drive customers to your Pet Shop and we help you with all that too!

As a Critter Joe’s Member / Affiliate we provide you a custom Online Pet Shop showcasing your picture and your favorite pet and a personal profile (see sample Online Pet Shop) We also offer an optional Critter Joe’s company email. We provided FREE custom ads designed to post on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites that will link customer’s right to your Online Pet Shop.

The pet industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US with annual sales over 60 billion dollars and growing. Now you can have your own Online Pet Shop featuring hundreds of top selling pet related products 24/7. We showcase and ship all orders for you and you just sit back and collect the money!

Now you can have your own Online Pet Shop for under $50 annually. That’s as little as 14 cents a day and you now are in the pet industry and all within 48 hours.

Get started and have your online Pet Shop today!

Common Asked Questions

How do I see my membership pricing and what the guest to my Online Pet Shop sees?

When you are logged in to your membership account you can shop and see your membership special pricing and the pricing your guest pays for each item. Note: you will see your price margins increase as Critter Joe’s buy power increase so it only gets better!

How does the system track guest to my Online Pet Story so I receive credit for the sale?

When a guest to your Online Pet Shop searches for products or even visits Pet News or other related pages within your name is associated throughout the visit. Anytime your guest views the Shopping Cart option or Checkout Page and purchases items your name is displayed and you are credited within the system. An email of the sale is then sent to you.

How do I get paid?

Critter Joe’s pays commissions monthly for sales under $250.00 USD. A bi-monthly payment option for sales over $250.00 monthly. Payments are via mail or directly to USA Pay Pal account holders. US citizens participating in this commission based program are deemed under the IRS tax code as an Independent contractor, therefore we do not withhold any taxes. Participates outside the US are subject to his/her residing country laws and are paid via Pay Pal account holders or bank money transfer.

Can I update my profile picture and information?

Anytime you would like to update your profile picture, or profile information just let us know. If you would like your social media links displayed or up and coming events, etc. just let us know.

What are my total fees for my Online Pet Shop?

Critter Joe’s Club Member / Affiliate Programs requires a one time Membership setup fee of $49.95 which includes your first year Membership fee, Pet Shop page, picture, profile and access to Membership features and special pricing (see payment options at signup.) An annually Membership fee of $49.95 is charged to maintain your Online Pet Shop and Membership status and is automatically billed yearly on the anniversary of your enrollment date.

Program Limitations

Critter Joe’s current marketing model is based on the United States market and is currently only marketing and shipping products within the United States with worldwide sales coming soon!  A person who is recognized as a minor in his/her state USA of residence may not participate in marketing of products. If you have further questions please email:

Cancellation of Service

Critter Joe’s offers a 30 day guarantee from date of Membership / Affiliate purchase. Full refunds are credited within 20 days.

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