With the goal of always keeping it simple and straight forward let’s talk about tap water

Tap water in some cases is not safe for your pet as well as you. The fact is our pets are super sensitive to any man-made chemicals, processed foods, etc. Tap water includes phosphate, arsenic, nitrate, chlorine, and various heavy metals. Your homes pipes leach over time and can be highly toxic and home and public water systems can contain certain levels of bacteria.

Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to the public water supply to reduce tooth decay. but again, not great for our pets as it can be toxic.

Bottled water in most cases is just tap water in plastic bottles so what can we do?

If you store water with the lid off for a few days chlorine and other add-ins can burn off to a safer level. A water filter helps to filter out metals and minerals and that is another plus. Personally, I run my pets water through a water filter and open lid it on the counter for a day or two or when I can’t smell chlorine then I am set to go.  

Sadly there are no lakes, rivers, waterways not touched from some man-made chemical due to air pollution as what goes up then rains down.  

The rule of thumb is to remember it is those little things like fresh safe water, chemical free food and treats that add up to a healthy long life for our pets. With vet costs through the roof, this is just smart thinking. It is Important to remember our pets however smart they might seem only have a mind of a young child so keep that in mind. I try my best with food, water, treats to keep it real and you can too. 

Hope this is helpful – Eli Enki 

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