Know your Pet Insurance Options

For those of us that are very proactive with our pets like myself, that means my Bella goes everywhere with me. What that also means is that I expose my dog to possible dangers and health issues. This can come from roughhousing with other dogs at off-leash parks to just getting attacked by some crazy dog or getting into something at home. It is important to remember that in most states when dogs are off leash it is no-fault on either party. I witnessed dog-friendly play at a park on the California Central Coast, which ended up being 20 stitches and combined with the emergency visit costing over $800 and the owner had no insurance.

Whether you are proactive with your pet or they are home most the time pet insurance options need to be weighed out or at the least have an understanding of your options as a visit to a vet is very costly. I do know that having bad pet insurance is worse than no insurance as it could be like throwing money away. Like when seeking our own personal health insurance needs it is confusing and complicated. I ran across this video which I feel answers key questions when considering pet insurance options.

Please remember even the most Intelligent dog breeds really only have the capacity of a 4-7-year-old child. In regards to cats, will who knows as they have us all fooled. Anyway, the point here is to be careful and guarded at all times whether you have pet insurance or not – Eli Enki

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