The relationship with what seems to be the all loving dog is a very special. The key is to get a good start building that relationship.

Here are a few more tips to building that special relationship – Eli Enki

Observe the dog for a while. How does it act when it wants to play? When it’s hungry? When it wants to cuddle? Understanding what the dog wants is a great first step in being more responsive to the dog’s needs, and as such will make him or her like you better.

Give the dog belly rubs. However, you must ask its owner if it likes these first. While most dogs love belly rubs, some don’t. If the dog loves it, you will love it too as you get to observe the way its little tongue sticks out, with its little eyes looking at you with happiness.

Groom the dog. Take a few minutes out of your day to brush the dog. It’ll benefit from the daily attention, and its coat will be healthier too. Plus, if you keep complaining to your date that there is dog hair everywhere, you’ll be helping to reduce it!

Give the dog lots of attention. This will help the dog to get to know you better and reassures the dog that you like him or her.

Let the dog dig in the dirt at your place. This will help it to find your place its own territory too, which will help raise you in its esteem. Just make sure you do not use the digging area for plants or garden.

Enjoy spending time together. The more time you interact with the dog, the greater the chance it will grow to love you.

Source: Dog House, WikiHow, Video: Dog Expert
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