Eagle Island State Park, Eagle Idaho      Images – Greg Lowrance

Although Eagle Island State Park, in Eagle, ID offers a popular swimming beach, a grassy picnic area, a waterslide, zip line course which consists of six zip lines. The State Park also features one of the state’s first quick jumps, which is a parachute simulated leap-off of a 60-foot tower. With all that said, we are here to highlight the more than five miles of trails for those looking for a place to ride horses, hike, and for our readers walk, run your dog in paradise.  Eagle Island State Park sits on 545 acres and is simply dog heaven and one of the best places clearly in our state or anywhere.

I am blessed to live close by and visit Eagle Island State Park most days and now that winter’s grip has been broken it is greening up just fine. The key is when you drive through the gatehouse park at the first open field to your left. Proceed through the first gate and along the path and well, it’s heaven. Pick a trail, which most will lead you along the Boise River at some point as you travel past fields that will likely be growing hay, alfalfa and wheat grasses.

Rules of the road and this applies anytime anywhere so we keep parks like this open to our dogs. Always bring doggie bags and pick up after your dog every time. Have a leash in hand as you may pass people on horseback and regardless if riders have their dogs with them beware your dog may spook a horse so I always leash my dog and ask if my dog is ok with their horse. If you are a rider you know a horse can get spooked over a puddle of water and to get thrown off the saddle is more than dangerous. When you come along people walking solo they likely will not like your dog running up on them so again keep your leash close by and remember not everyone is a dog lover and respect that. Eagle State Park has gates throughout the park that are posted, “Keep Gate Closed” so keep the gates closed when passing through.

I have seen wonderful areas open to dogs and then closed due to people leaving dog waste on the trail or even more crazy, bagging it and then leaving the bag on the trail. I have seen dogs that should not be out with other dogs due to their bad behavior. Please carry doggie bags, leash and keep your dog from running up to people just walking, bikers and people on horseback. Please do not think you have the right to let your dog run amuck as this will end what most would agree is the best spot in the treasure valley for a wonderful time for you and your dog.

One last tidbit, there is a sign at the entrance gatehouse to the park about dogs on leash. The unwritten rule is to stay out of the family day-use area when off leash, which is really everything on the right of the road. When on the left side, fields and trail area I was told and have had no issues off leash but again I carry a leash, bags and control my Bella and respectful of others – Eli Enki


  • the entrance fee to all of Idaho’s State Parks is $5.00 per car. I got a statewide park pass when I registered my vehicle for $10 a year which I have likely saved hundreds of dollars when visiting our parks.
  • The waterslide is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. The 9-hole disc golf course is open May through October and the 18-hole disc golf course is open November through April.
  • Paddleboard rentals are available within the park.
  • Call the park office for reservation information.

Eagle Island State Park

  • Phone (208) 939-0696
  • 165 Eagle Island Parkway, Eagle, ID 83616
  • Website

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