Keeping Your Pet Safe in Snow

1. GET YOUR DOG — USED TO THE SNOW GRADUALLY “The key is acclimation, it’s perfectly fine for them to stay outside for longer periods as long as they’re building up to it.” Start them out with small stints outside so their coats and paws will have time to adjust. 2. REMEMBER THAT COLDNESS DEPENDS […]

Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Dogs can be good for kids: they’re not only a source of unconditional love, but can help teach responsibility and cooperation. When choosing a dog for your family, consider your lifestyle and the ages of your kids. Some breeds have infinite patience, some can play endlessly and some are naturally protective of children. While most dogs […]

Idaho Animal Laws

  To be a responsible pet owner know our local and state laws Here is list of links that cover the cities within the Treasure Valley as well as state codes. Nice page to bookmark.   Idaho State Code (enforceable in all Idaho jurisdictions) Idaho State Code Title 25, Chapter 35, Cruelty to Animals Idaho […]