For true dog lovers finding that perfect place for play, exercise with friendly people and pets is a must. The good news is we have found that place a place where there is lots of freshly cut grass and more than enough room for free running. A year round running stream with a doggy swimming hole for lots of fun. The icing on this cake is it borders open space with trails into the local foothills for even more fun. I need to keep going as it gets better as there are good responsible dog owners and friendly dogs to top it off.

What we have found is clearly the best in Boise but there is one problem, we are not telling you where it is as who wants to share the location of the best dog spot in Boise. I can’t tell you where it is but if you are like a dog on a bone here are a few clues as that is the best I can do as why spoil a good thing.

Best Dog Fun in Boise Clues:

  • Located in Boise City limits
  • Stream runs through the area
  • Note the foothills in the featured picture
  • Bring an Apple

This is not on a dog park list or at the least not featured in Google maps, etc., when searching for an off the leash parks so back to the clues.

Okay blood hounds you have the clues and when you find it you will likely reply thanking me for not providing the location of doggy heaven.

Good luck

We love your input or comments so let us know below

Story By: E. Enki – Critter Joe’s Roving Reporter

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